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It's mission control for your incoming info@ and support@ email addresses.

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Email Management for Customer Service Teams

  • Respond faster
    Impress your customers with a faster response time
  • Respond better
    Know your message is being communicated accurately
  • Turn customers into fans
    Provide a great experience to drive future sales
  • Handle a huge email load
    Give superior service, no matter how busy you get
  • Measure and improve your service
    See when traffic is heaviest, and plan ahead

What our users are saying...

I am able to manage email for multiple web-sites and handle all my order fulfillment - all for the price of a few lattes a month - Danial Lewis, "With Email Center Pro, we're 60 percent more efficient and our business has changed as a result." - Richard Burton, Founder, "Email Center Pro has greatly increased our ability to... respond to our members. - Thom Matli, City Car Share."

Why Choose Email Center Pro?

Maximize your ROI

1. Accelerate your customer service

Send faster, better responses to your customers. Spend less time answering email, and make sure every email is answered the right way, every time.

Email management

2. Handle tons of email

Respond to each customer accurately and quickly, no matter how full your mailbox is. Centralized, organized email handling is the secret to customer service success.

Make your team efficient

3. Know your customer's history

Every communication with every customer is at your fingertips. Having a detailed conversation history lets you see what the customer has emailed about in the past and address their concerns quickly and effectively.

Email Analytics

4. Powerful email metrics

Get unprecedented insight into your customer service work flow. Get ready to brag about (or correct!) your service quality.

360 view of your contacts

5. Company-wide collaboration

Improve communication between departments, and get customers the help they need. Fast.