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Case Study: LVA Communications


Tammy Daugherty

Lead Administrator, LVA

Niantic, CT

Tammy Daugherty is lead administrator at LVA Communications, a public relations company located in Niantic, Connecticut.

How many email addresses were displayed on your website before you started using Email Center Pro?

Just one. All contact from people without prior knowledge of our company was channeled into one email box and was sorted through manually, when time permitted.

What were your first impressions of the product when you signed up? What keeps you using Email Center Pro?

The product compartmentalizes email so it is easy to sort through and direct to the proper recipient's attention. It's been fun to move email along without forwarding!

Email Center Pro could have been very helpful during a situation where LVA's email administrator was on vacation and the info email box was not to be checked for some time. A new business lead was left unanswered during the administrator's absence. Fortunately the administrator returned from vacation the day before the requested proposal was due and the deadline was met. Going forward, we are now more aware than ever of the necessity of constant maintenance of the general inbox and with Email Center Pro, we are assured that no emails are lost or missed and that inquiries are dealt with quickly and efficiently.

Were you using another product before or were you managing your emails through personal mail clients like Outlook or Gmail? Was the transition difficult?

Before Email Center Pro, all email generated from our website was automatically forwarded to the administrator's email address, which was downloaded to her desktop using Entourage.

This meant that each email had to be sorted and manually forwarded to the appropriate account executive or staff person. This process could be a challenge especially when the email needed to be addressed in a timely fashion.

Email Center Pro allows all our staff to have immediate Web-based access to all the email inquires sent through our company website. This enables our communication with prospective clients to be efficient and timely, which allows us to give a great first impression.

How many inboxes do you manage in Email Center Pro?

Just one shared inbox. From that inbox we can seamlessly send email to all account executives in the office and in remote locations.

How many other people at the office are using it?

We have an administrator who sorts through the email and forwards it to the appropriate contact. We have eight other employees utilizing Email Center Pro. The internal notes feature that allows each user to add their own comments for reference is especially useful in LVA's office set-up.

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