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Case Study: Ovation Incentives


Jonathan Grey

Managing Director, Ovation Incentives

London, United Kingdom

Ovation Incentives is an up and coming Incentive Marketing and Rewards company, based in London. Ovation's main product is the Universal Voucher System, an industry unique online-rewards system that is designed for corporate incentives, staff motivation and sales promotions - it is best described as a traditional multi-brand gift-voucher system that operates over the Internet.

What were your first impressions of Email Center Pro?

When you are a small company and growing, you need to have tools at your disposal that can help manage and administer key business functions, without the burden of lengthy training and support. Email Center Pro is clearly a well thought-out, intuitive email-support solution that is perfect for a business in our position.

Were you using another product before Email Center Pro?

We were using Outlook previously and thankfully have totally migrated to Email Center Pro for all customer-service email. The benefits of multi-user access and managerial control are already making a difference in the quality of customer care that we deliver to our customers.

How are you using Email Center Pro? What are you using it for?

Inbound customer-service emails, where users of our Universal Vouchers system have questions about their orders or need information prior to ordering.

What keeps you using Email Center Pro?

Firstly it is the application - even though it is not the finished product yet as we have been using it in Beta format. What keeps us using it in this form is the responsiveness and desire of the ECP team to hear our suggestions and implement them. This gives us great confidence in using the system as we know that the ECP team cares about what their customers want and they also clearly want to have a great product going forward.

Has Email Center Pro improved your communication with customers and co-workers?

No question - yes.

How many inboxes do you handle with Email Center Pro?


What is the main benefit you gain from using Email Center Pro?

Accountability; it is great to know that all inbound inquiries are handled in a timely fashion, correctly and professionally.

Thanks so much for your time and insight.

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