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Case Study: Vox Pro Communications, Ltd.


Sam Malik

Customer Service Specialist

Cork, Ireland

Sam Malik is a customer service specialist at Vox Pro where he answers technical support and sales emails. Vox Pro is located in Cork, Ireland.

What were your first impressions of Email Center Pro?

Unlike most other programs, Email Center Pro did not look complicated; everything is displayed by inbox and is, extremely easy to use.

How are you using Email Center Pro? What are you using it for?

I use ECP mainly for managing two inboxes, Tech Support and Sales. I also tend to make use of the 'templates' and 'archive' sections as we have a great deal of information stored in said sections.

If I am working on a certain email, but waiting for a response from a customer, then I leave a note next to the email. Or in most cases, if there is an email for which I may need more information or want to share information with my colleagues, then adding a simple note is ideal.

What are the main benefits of using Email Center Pro?

The benefits of using Email Center Pro are:

  • Tracking of customer emails or information
  • Doing simple searches on a customer's email address and locating a complete history of communication
  • Being able to browse other inboxes, archives, and templates
  • Simple to use

How has Email Center Pro improved your communication with your customers?

We can now provide quick and accurate communication due to our ability to view the customer history with a few simple clicks.

Thanks so much for your time and insight.

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