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City CarShare

City CarShare is moving forward. And Email Center Pro is helping them get there.

Before Email Center Pro, City CarShare was measuring its response time to messages in terms of weeks. Now they do it by hours.

"We needed to give all of our team members simultaneous access to the same inbox with out stepping on each others' toes," said Member Services director, Thom Matli. "And then came Email Center Pro."

Taking advantage of the inbox transparency provided by the Email Center Pro, City CarShare was able to eliminate the problems that can arise when an employee is out of the office or no longer with the company.

"Email Center Pro has greatly increased our ability to not only respond to our members in a respectable amount of time," Matli said, "but gives me, as a supervisor, a clear trail when the ball is dropped and something was handled incorrectly."

The San Francisco-based non-profit organization provides cars for use on an hourly and per mile basis. The coordination of that effort, from fielding new customers to addressing the needs of existing ones requires a truckload of communication -- much of it via email.