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It's mission control for your incoming info@ and support@ email addresses.

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Herbalife is a company with $3 billion in retail sales annually. As one of the country's top distributors of those nutritional products, is focused first and foremost on ensuring that every opportunity for a sale is maximized -- and that there is a laser-like focus on work flow efficiency and speed.

"I use Email Center Pro to manage email, orders and even voice mail," said Senior Partner Daniel Lewis. "We have two people manage order fulfillment. It used to be that they had to guess where one person stopped and the other should continue. Now, because all of the messaging is centralized and transparent, we don't have overlapping issues."

Lewis said the streamlined work flow has simplified things, made his company more profitable and delivered another benefit that he didn't immediately anticipate.

"The email analytics helped me gain insight into the peaks and valleys of my business, so that I know when to schedule more people to staff the phones and when to ramp up my online advertising.

"And the uptake is amazing. I can train someone for two hours on one day and by the next they're performing flawlessly."