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It's mission control for your incoming info@ and support@ email addresses.

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Growing a small business can be stressful, particularly if communication systems are clunky and inconsistent. That was the reality that spent a lot of time dealing with in its early days.

"I used to have four email addresses," said founder Richard Burton. "This was a ridiculous system and we lost a lot of business because we were never able to be that helpful when customers called in. With Email Center Pro, we're 60 percent more efficient and our business has changed as a result.

"If a lead gets back to us...anyone can pull up the contact information in a few seconds. Everyone is fully informed because the Email Center Pro makes everything available."

Because of that fact, the clothing customization company is in a position to add a significant number of clients heading into 2009.

"With Email Center Pro we can manage our sales pipeline much more easily than ever before. For instance, we set up some live searches to monitor leads that were going cold. I noticed that we hadn't received a response from a potential lead in 14 days. I looked at all the correspondence, and noticed in a note from another colleague that she'd said on the phone that she was going to make the decision [on whom to buy from] that day. I called her to ask how the decision-process was going. She was so impressed that she gave us the business and the profits from that could pay for a subscription to Email Center Pro for a decade. End of story."