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It's mission control for your incoming info@ and support@ email addresses.

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"It is great to know that all inbound inquiries are handled in a timely fashion, correctly and professionally."

— Jonathan Grey, Ovation Incentives

Better customer service

Offer the best customer service possible. Email Center Pro helps you provide consistent and timely email responses to your customers with an easy-to-learn interface and time-saving features.

Faster response times

With Email Center Pro, all your email is accessible with one click. No more switching from mailbox to mailbox, or trying to figure out where email is and who has answered it. Instant access means your customers get answered faster.


Guarantee every email gets answered

Make sure no customer slips through the cracks. Avoid embarrassing contradictory responses or long delays. Assign emails to the right person for the job, and know that every customer is taken care of.

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Answer common questions with one click

Compose an email that you think you will use again? Send it now and instantly save it as a template for next time. Ensure that your customers get consistent and accurate responses from your team.

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Stay on top of your mailbox

Don't make your customers wait or miss golden opportunities because you didn't know you had mail. Set your account to send alerts when new emails arrive or when mail is assigned to you.

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Communicate with your team for better customer service

Add internal notes to an email conversation for easy reference — for yourself or your co-workers. You can even add instructions for follow-up and reassign the email to another team member for the correct response. Add hyperlinks in your notes for more information. Notes are always private and never shared with your customers.

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Link email conversations with cases in your support tracking system

Make it easy for your support staff to help customers by linking emails directly to your support ticketing system. Resolve issues quickly, and build customer confidence.


Respond to your customers as quickly as we do!

Email Center Pro is not just a product we sell. It is the lifeblood of our company. We originally developed it to help our customer care team respond to customer email faster and more effectively. We still use it every day for customer service, sales, marketing, business development, and much more — and our customers and other contacts are glad we do!

You never cease to amaze me with your quick responsiveness. Your customer service is outstanding and much appreciated.

— Kim Blackford
Colorado Mountain College

Thank you for such quick responses. I will tell everyone I know how good your customer support and service is.

— Steve Brewer
Dallas, Texas

Thank you very much for your extremely prompt reply. It is very much appreciated!

— Michael Newton

Thanks for your quick response, it is great. Super service!

— Ton Lammertink
Labude BV, Netherlands

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