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It's mission control for your incoming info@ and support@ email addresses.

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"I was spending half my days combing through email and managing customer service. Now, I can disperse that work to assistants, and spend the bulk of my time working on projects that will actually generate income for the business."

— Jean Hanson, The Janitorial Store

Access all your email from anywhere

Your customers don't need to know when you're not in the office. Whether you're at your desk or on the road, all your email is just a Web browser away.

Log on from anywhere

Since Email Center Pro is Web-based, you have full access to all your email, no matter where you are. No need to install applications or enlist your IT guy to get started. Just sign up, log on, and get to work.


Don't leave your customers waiting

Stay on top of your mailboxes so no customer email goes unanswered. You can choose to be alerted when a message is assigned to you, or when there's a new message in your mailbox. Make sure that nobody is left waiting for a reply.


Platform independence means global access

Handle email from any computer — switch from your PC to your Mac and get all your work done no matter what computer you're working on.


Add new users easily

Hire a new employee? Creating new users only takes a moment and you can do it from anywhere. When you need to add an additional email address to your account, it's just as easy. Handle everything through your Account Options.


Maintain privacy by assigning permissions

Not all emails should be seen by everyone. Give users global permission for all mailboxes, or limit their access to certain boxes so you can be sure that sensitive matters are only accessible by the appropriate users.

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