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It's mission control for your incoming info@ and support@ email addresses.

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"We set up some searches to monitor leads that were going cold. I called one back and she was so impressed that she gave us her business. The profits from that could pay for a subscription to Email Center Pro for a decade."

— Richard Burton, Hoodeasy

Organize your customer emails

When you are managing a lot of email, scanning addresses or subject fields is not an efficient way to find what you're looking for. Save time and get organized, and provide the best service possible to your customers.

Keep track of customer relations

See what customers are saying, and how your team is responding, easily and quickly. Follow mailboxes, employees, or look for messages with a particular subject line or date. It coudn't be easier to keep track of what's going on with your customers.

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No more digging through folders to find a specific email.

You don't always have an email address in hand when you're looking for a particular message from a customer. Now you can categorize messages for fast and easy retrieval later. Stay on top of frequent questions or action items.

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View a complete record of every action taken on any email

Your customers will appreciate that you have all the facts when you respond to their emails. Because the history appears right next to the emails in the mailbox preview, you can address the customer's current need, with a complete picture of what came before.


Keep your inbox clean with accessible archives

After an email is answered, archive it to keep your mailbox uncluttered. When your customer responds again, the whole thread attaches to the new message, allowing you to keep track of the entire conversation. You can always search the archive to retrieve any email.

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