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It's mission control for your incoming info@ and support@ email addresses.

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"Like our customers, we depend on Email Center Pro as a mission-critical application. That's why we have worked with Amazon Web Services to deploy it on the most secure and dependable hosting platform available."

— Noah Parsons,

Safety and security you can count on

Email Center Pro runs on the same platform as the store. And its firewall-protected servers use the same 128-bit encryption technology used by the world's top banks.

Rest assured knowing your email is secure

By using the Amazon Web Services infrastructure, ECP provides the same level of security as the store. And, since Email Center Pro is a web-based solution, you'll experience no impact on your IT department while staying constantly up to date with the latest safety solutions.

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You shouldn't have to weed through piles of spam to get your important messages

Email Center Pro has integrated Spam Assassin in order to help reduce the amount of spam that comes into your company.



Choose how the spam filter handles incoming messages

You can set your spam filter to be as aggressive or permissive as you want. Emails that come in and are marked as spam are automatically placed into the SPAM mailbox, but these email are easily accessible and easily moved into appropriate mailboxes if they are not spam.

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