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It's mission control for your incoming info@ and support@ email addresses.

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"Currently, we're managing 13 email addresses, as opposed to only 3. We could have never set up this many specific inboxes if it were not for Email Center Pro."

— Gayle Chisholm, KLCC Public Radio

Simple setup — no need for the IT guy

The step-by-step setup wizard takes you through the process with no hassles. You can get up and running in minutes without calling in a tech expert.

No IT infrastructure required

With nothing to install and no hardware required, creating an account and getting started couldn't be easier.

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POP access makes setup easy

It's easy to redirect external email to Email Center Pro using POP account. The setup wizard guides you through the process, and will even let you leave a copy of the email on your server. It's simple to add mailboxes and new POP accounts as your needs grow.



Or just forward your email and get to work

If you don't have POP access, you can forward your mail right to Email Center Pro. Leave a copy behind if you want to access it from the external address.


Technical support is just a phone call away

If you do need help, technical support is available by phone, by email, or live chat. Support staff works in house with engineers, so if they don't know the answers, they have access to programmers who do.

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