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It's mission control for your incoming info@ and support@ email addresses.

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"Before Email Center Pro, I was in the dark when it came to measuring the quality and speed of our customer service via email. Its email analytics help me track meaningful metrics in real time."

— Jake Weatherly, Palo Alto Software

Better customer service with better analysis

You think you're handling customer emails efficiently, but how can you be sure? Dashboard widgets that allow you to measure results and track performance remove the guesswork, and help you take your customer service to the next level.

Enhance productivity and accountability

Make sure your workload is distributed evenly and appropriately by assigning emails to the people best suited to answer them. Customers benefit by getting fast, reliable responses. Then keep track of who's got the most work and who might have time to handle more mail, and customers win again.


Measure your email traffic with a complete view

Which days and hours have the heaviest email loads? Is your overall mail volume trending up or down? The answers to these questions and more are right on your dashboard.

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Keep track of each user's activity

Good customer service requires teamwork. Make sure everyone on your staff is working together. See who's online, how many emails they've responded to, and the time it takes each user to respond.


Mailbox measurements provide a big picture outlook

Look at how quickly entire mailboxes are getting responses to customers, and even compare individuals against the overall response time for the box.


Keep an eye on your marketing efforts

Use VerticalResponse for email marketing and online surveys? Track your email campaigns with a simple dashboard widget. If you don't already have an account, create one through this widget and receive 250 free email credits and 50 free survey credits.


Create smarter forms for your customers to contact you

FormStack is the smart way to collect and manage data with online forms. A simple Email Center Pro widget will make it easy for you to view and manage your data, modify your forms, and change your form settings.

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