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Manage People (Account Owner/Administrator only)

Account owners and administrators can use the People tab in the Account Settings dialog to manage users.

  1. Locate the login links at the top of the screen (Logged in as...)
  2. Click Account & Tools
  3. Click the People tab

Use the buttons on the toolbar to Add a New User, Delete a User, and Save your changes. You can also click on any existing user and change their User Details, including account privileges (see below).

NOTE: Different account levels allow different numbers of users. For more information, see the Pricing page.

User Details

*First Name: User's first name (displays with email address)
*Last Name: User's last name  (displays with email address)
Role: Choose User or Administrator. Administrators can add mailboxes and users to the Email Center account.
*Contact Email: Local (non-Email Center Pro) email address associated with this user; where they will receive Alerts.

Permissions (Standard and Premium accounts only)

Lists the mailboxes to which this user has access. To change the permitted mailboxes for this user:

  1. Click to check the boxes for mailboxes you want accessible to this user
  2. Click Save at the top of the dialog

NOTE: Users will not be able to see any information about mailboxes to which they do not have permission. Administrators cannot be excluded from any mailboxes.

Login Details

*Username: Type a descriptive name for logging in to the Email Center. In a small company, this could be simply the user's first name.
*Password: Password can include letters, numbers or symbols and should be at least 6 characters.
Confirm Password: Re-type the password to confirm.

User Defaults

Default Mailbox: Choose the mailbox from which the user will primarily be working; this mailbox will display in the Mail tab whenever the user logs in.

NOTE: Items marked with * are required.

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