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Contacts tab

The Contacts list helps you find specific email addresses, quickly find email conversations associated with a contact, and store additional information about your correspondents (such as a mailing address, title, phone number, etc).

NOTE: New contacts are automatically added to the list when you Reply to an email from them.

Add Contacts

In addition to the contacts added automatically, you can add individual Contacts or import them in bulk from another application.

Find Contacts


Contacts are listed by Email address, Name, and Details (if any). You can click any of these headings to sort by these criteria.


The Search Contacts field to the left of the Contacts list lets you type in a name or email address, or any part thereof, to find contacts matching that criteria.

  • Clear the Search field and click All Contacts (in the left pane) to return to the main Contacts list.

Filter by Tag

  • Click on any tag in the Tags list on the sidebar to filter the Contacts list by user-defined label.

Open Contact

Once you have selected a Contact in the list, you can Open Contact to:

  • See all conversations and activities involving the contact
  • Enter or change details on the Contact Card (such as a phone number or mailing address)
  • Talk to your Contact via email, phone, or IM

Tag Contacts

You can tag contacts just like tagging conversations, to make contacts easier to find, or to send email to an entire group of contacts at once.

Delete Contacts

  1. Click to select a contact name from the list
  2. Click Delete Contact on the toolbar
  3. A dialog asks you to confirm deletion
  4. The contact will be permanently deleted from your account

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