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Email Conversation

Email Center Pro keeps track of emails as conversations, not isolated "In" and 'Out" messages. An email conversation consists of the original email message and all subsequent replies (ingoing and outgoing) related to that email. You will generally work on emails in the Inbox tab view.

Conversation History

The conversation shows the correspondence history, including who has responded to the email, when the responses were made, and who is currently assigned to the conversation.

In addition, the right side of the conversation listing will display any internal Notes and a list of actions taken around this conversation (assigning it to a team member, moving it to a different mailbox, filing it to the Archive, etc.).

Break from conversation

Sometimes you may want to separate an email message from a conversation. The 'Break from Conversation' feature will pull a message out of a conversation and place it back into your mailbox as a separate individual email.

When you scroll through the entire conversation, you will see 'breaks' between message groups.

A button in the upper right corner of each email message will list as either 'Reply' or 'Resend' (depending on whether the most recent message came from you or the person you have been writing to). Each button contains a pull-down menu of additional features:

Choose 'Break from Conversation' to pull the message from the conversation and put it back into your mailbox. You can then assign, make notes, and respond to the message, which creates a new conversation.

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