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Draft Email

Not ready to send your message? You can save a message as a Draft to revise and send later.

Save Draft

  1. Compose your new message (or Reply to an existing message)
  2. Click Save Draft on the toolbar
  3. Close the message tab

Edit and Send Draft

  1. Click the Inbox tab
  2. Use the Filter pane on the left to open the relevant mailbox
  3. Click the Drafts folder in the left pane
  4. Existing message drafts will appear in the list
  5. Click to select the draft you wish to edit
  6. In the Preview pane, click Edit Draft
  7. Make any desired changes
  8. Click Send on the message toolbar to send the edited draft

The edited message is now part of the relevant conversation, and can be found in the Archive or Sent folders instead of the Draft folder.

TIP: Discard or Print Drafts

Once you have selected a draft from the list, you can click the down arrow next to Edit Draft in the preview, and choose either Discard Draft or Print Draft.

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