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It's mission control for your incoming info@ and support@ email addresses.

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“I've always liked Palo Alto Software's Business Plan Pro. So I was happy to see the company had applied its SMB expertise to the e-mail management market. Email Center Pro helps you route e-mail that comes into mailboxes like sales@, support@, and info@. Using the site, you can centralize e-mail operations and assign individual missives quickly to the correct person or department, speeding up response time and improving your company image with customers.”

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“A few years ago online marketers began to realize en masse that much of the money they were reinvesting in getting consumers to click through to their Web sites was being wasted due to a lack of post-click optimization strategy. Though many marketers have addressed that gap by optimizing their “outbound communications,” few have addressed or even acknowledged another blind spot: lack of responsiveness to inbound email communications from the customers they've already “converted,” as Sabrina Parsons, CEO of Palo Alto Software, explains below.”

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Azure Journal

“From Palo Alto Software, creators of Business Plan Pro and Marketing Plan Pro, here's the first software as a service initiative: Email Center Pro. Simply put, Email Center Pro is a a collaborative email solution for the small business market.”

Email Center Pro May Be The Solution To Your Email Problems

“If you're like most small business owners with an online presence, you have several email addresses which provide a variety of ways for customers to contact you.” Read more »