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It's mission control for your incoming info@ and support@ email addresses.

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Why Email Center Pro?

Does — or info@ or help@ — redirect to You@? These customer emails shouldn't be owned by just You. Add collaboration to your inboxes and avoid declaring email bankruptcy. We developed Email Center Pro years ago to solve our shared inbox email problems — and now we're making it available to you. So you too can foolproof your email.

Email Center Pro will solve your email problems...

  • Your co-worker is out sick. You need a vital email exchange that is only on her computer. The client can't wait while you try to track down the password; instead, they go to a competitor.
  • A very important sales email goes unnoticed for days because your partner forgot to check his email while out of town.
  • All the info@ email for your business dumps into a single email inbox; you spend valuable time all day, every day forwarding messages to appropriate people to answer.
  • You and your partner take care of all the emails coming in to a single inbox, but without knowing it, you've both been answering the same emails. Your customers end up with differing information and it gives the impression of your company being sloppy and unprofessional.

Recognize these scenarios? Email Center Pro was designed for you.

Search all customer emails and always have a complete history of customer communications.

Smart folders give you easy access to the email you care about.

Track responses, find out how long an email has remained unanswered, and assign emails to a specific person.

Add notes about an email conversation to make sure important customer information is shared with your team.

Custom templates ensure accurate, consistent responses to all customer conversations. Spend less time answering emails and more time growing your business.

Never again will you shuffle emails from one outlook box to another, or move from one computer to the next to answer emails promptly and accurately.

Never before has there been a simple yet complete email management solution for small business. Don't pay money for features you don't need in a CRM solution. Email Center Pro will revolutionize how small businesses answer emails from customers, partners, and vendors.